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That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: October 6th, 2017, 12:20 pm
by Udon Chinwag
Dinosaurs from a different age.. and a modern world where women FINALLY have the right to complain. Keeping rolling on the 21st Century. Now then.. about gun control.. ;-0 ... y-response

Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: October 12th, 2017, 10:00 am
by Udon Chinwag
So.. as time passes and more brave women speak up about the caustic aspect of "casting couch syndrome"which for sure WAS prevalent in 70s/80s/90s showbiz in MY experience.. Harvey is taking a public hammering. And the odds are very much against any sort of recovery.

BUT.. in all the broo hah.. I have yet to hear or read anything about actual criminal CHARGES.

In Britain.. slowly but surely the influence of judiciary took its toll of a few.. and there is in my mind no difference between Max Clifford (always found him to be a slime ball to work with) and Harvey W.

The world is pleased to see the likes of Paltrow and Jolie declare their status as abused through the process.. but the world also needs to understand the fear at the time.. of non co-operation when the gaps to squeeze through for exposure and work in the ent industry are very thin indeed.

Hence even if Brad did challenge.. there was no way in those days that the actresses involved would announce the issues publicly.

It WAS a different time and culture. And prosecutions should not have a statute of limitation.

Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: October 13th, 2017, 7:59 am
by Udon Chinwag
24 hours later.. the British press is covered with headlines that Police on both sides of the Atlantic are looking at criminal implications for Weinstein.

Oh.. and some stuff about Brexit slipped in here and there. Not as important obviously as Harvey slipping a few slithery fingers into actresses..
Must check to see if there is any Crosby product output via Weinstein and Miramax.
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Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: October 13th, 2017, 9:29 am
by Udon Chinwag
My tweets today:

Where is the line if any tween #rape & acquiescent sex in interest of a person's career? #castingcouch is prevalent showbiz #Weinstein ...

... do we hear tales of #Tesco shelf stockers busy in managers offices securing better jobs? All hail the brave speakers inc lesser mortals.

Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: October 13th, 2017, 10:01 am
by Udon Chinwag
Here is a true story about the real difficulty of dealing with outed sexual predators such as Harvey Weinstein.
Amongst many high profile presenters and actors I used to manage Peter Marshall and Alexander Bastedo when they were the presenters of Miss World.

We were sitting having dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel after the show.. waiting for Peter Stringfellow (name drop) so we could go onto his club in his roller.

A "Miss nameless" came up to our table to say Hi to Peter and Alex.. She asked who I was.. (obviously the only unknown).. and Peter said.. "This is our Manager.. Liam Dale".

In the flash of a micro second the Miss.. dropped the top of her dress down for a full on view.. and asked me.. "Would you like to manage these?"

True story and an example of the OTHER side of this aspect of showbiz shittyness.. the desperate ego..

Truly displayed now in modern Reality TV culture.. as desire for 15 mins of shallow fame is pre-empted by ANY action that will get newspaper or internet attention.

Weinstein will be dealing in addition to his horrendous behaviour, with people who truly will try to piggyback the story... in order to self promote: The standard of much journalism has slid downhill badly as publishers see the slow but sure demise of print format and take more risks with integrity in order to sell more covers.
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Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: October 18th, 2017, 8:12 am
by Udon Chinwag
Due to the sheer volume of revelations by multiple sources, Weinstein has now become a LOT more than a Woopsy. Shunned by pretty much all of the hypocritical Hollywood organisations such as the Oscars etc and dumped by his own board and brother.

It's important that police on both sides of the Atlantic really follow up claims - especially for those reporting rape. It won't be easy to overcome the "Consensual" aspect because of Casting Couch Syndrome but the law is NOT an ass and I believe it will get there.

Harvey has been described as a monster.. even Woody Allen stepped in.. and Weinstein's case that he grew up in a different era and that he was seeking help and therapy to help overcome his demons is just PR BS.

There will be many puckering buttends in Hollywood and for that matter the movie and TV industry too by other closet abusers who took and take advantage of vulnerable peoples dreams INCLUDING the gay community.

Harvey = the tip of the iceberg; even the top by current statistics.

Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: November 3rd, 2017, 10:35 am
by Udon Chinwag
The gates are open and it's sad to see names such as Kevin Spacey and even Hoffman added to the Weinstein list. HOWEVER where I move from wincing at the abuse of personal power through celebrity to act with inappropriate behaviour to gain sexual attention and satisfaction, I pour scorn on their "retreat to places of treatment" as a way of showing humility and attrition.

Weinstein went for a week.. spent most of his time yelling on his mobile phone and then left. Of course totally cleared of 40 odd years of at the very least.. "misbehaviour".

Now Spacey has done the same. It's easily read as an escape from media attention. Dumped by their agents, rejected by Hollywood stalwarts such as the Oscars (who have of course always known of such predatory behaviour back to the very beginnings and the middle men such as Hitchcock who's behaviour against TIppy's rejections was more than cavalier), to those new age artists - of which many must be cringing as victims find courage to speak out.

I will continue to enjoy the works of Spacey and Hoffman for the remainder of my life. I just wont guild the performers themselves with the same respect and admiration as people that I used to do.
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Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: November 5th, 2017, 11:22 am
by Udon Chinwag
This is a somewhat damning indictment of Kevin Spacey - When "one of the industry's own children" speaks out about predatory behaviour.

To explain; of course the entertainment business is rife with these sorts of actions. For years. Since Hollywood began; I have my own factual experiences from television and theatre 80s, 90s London. The gay community can be particularly nasty in its attacks on those heterosexuals chosen as prey and attempted control.

But this is an example of where a predator is so confident in his ability to maintain a secrecy over a victim he even goes for the son of a visiting fellow thespian in his presence. And Young Dreyfuss experience and long standing as a high profile actor's protege will have been conditioned subliminally to respond with protection by silence for his father, his own stress and the nature of the game.

Dreyfuss never an easy actor to work with, likely would have torn into his "boss" if he had known.

Time will tell now if charges can begin to be brought in a criminal court. We note that Stephen Segal has also been outed for aggressive sexual advances. The effect of waiting and wondering if they are going to publicised is a good start - look at the collapse of Freddy Starr in the UK as a result. He might have got away with the police aspect but the effect on his health, well being and bank balance broke the entertainer. A shadow now of his career. ... 202202012/

Re: That'll be a big "woopsy" for the Harvey then.. another doyen exposed?

Posted: May 26th, 2018, 11:25 am
by Udon Chinwag
Interesting public humiliation for Harvey Weinstein yesterday as the one time movie icon with monster talent in that arena is taken past the cameras in handcuffs. En-route now to trial for a heinous abuse of power.

It's taken a while.
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